OK, so I finally  recorded and posted them. Please be gentle. I KNOW they’re bad!


Case Songs PowerPoint

Songs to help memorize endings Powerpoint

Songs just for fun



mp3 format

The 5 Case Blues

The Nominative Case

The Genitive Case

The Dative Case

The Accusative Case

The Ablative Case

Present tense endings (O S T . . . )

The Imperfect Tense

Perfect Ed

Passive endings (R RIS TUR . . . )

The Perfect Passive Participle

The Present Active Participle

The Future Active Participle

itunes format

The Accusative Case




The 5 Case Blues (wmv)

The Present Tense Endings

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Make a video of one of the songs above and I’ll put it on the site! Don’t e-mail the video. Give it to me on cd, flash drive or send me a YouTube link. I’ll put up the link as soon as I know it’s appropriate. BONA FORTUNA!


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