How to Study

  • column aniStart early! The night before a quiz is too late!
  • Use!
  • Make flashcards of vocabulary and endings. Use different color markers or cards. On the card draw a picture or a crazy memory device to help.
  • Make sure you can read and translate every sentence of every story!!
  • Do all exercises in the chapter (yes, even if they’re not assigned!)
  • Use all charts
  • Use your vocab sheets: fold over definitions to quiz yourself. All notes should be taken on vocab sheets, and there is a summary of the grammar (res scienda) on the back.
  • Know your verba scienda in order to get bonus points
  • Translate sentences and stories to your parents; if they don’t make sense they’re wrong!
  • Have your parents or a friend quiz you with your flashcards.
  • DO SOMETHING!!! DON”T JUST READ OR LOOK OVER THE MATERIAL. For most people, reading isn’t studying. You need to rewrite it, say it, move it (e.g. matching flashcards )
  • Study with a friend or group
  • Work though all worksheets
  • Use songs!

Click here for lots of help on learning vocabulary!

Check out Latin Tutorials videos on YouTube


  • JCL Fax

    •Meetings or activities monthly
    •Dues include membership in the Kell, Georgia and National Junior Classical League
    •The National Junior Classical League is second only to Boy Scouts in number of youth members
    •2 state conventions, 1 national convention
    •Opportunities to compete for awards in a wide range of activities
    •Chance to meet other good students, make connections and find study partners
    •You do not have to attend every meeting to be a member•T-shirts about $10; we’ll take orders as soon as we have a design