For Parents

How can you help your kids excel in Latin?

  • The basics: Make sure they do all homework completely and study for quizzes. A world-class education requires world-class preparation by teacher and student.
  • Give them an agenda or calendar to keep track of assignments and check it regularly. They aren’t adults yet! A student without some sort of calendar or agenda will probably get zeros on HW and fail quizzes and tests. Sorry, but it’s true.
  • Have them translate the chapter stories and sentences  to you. If it doesn’t make sense, it’s wrong.
  • Have your son or daughter make flash cards for all vocab words and word endings. Put Latin one side, English on the other, then you can quiz them.
  • Encourage them to come in for help as soon as they are confused.
  • Tel them to PUT PHONES AND IPODS AWAY WHEN IN CLASS! You cannot imagine what a huge distraction this is. It is also disrespectful and rude!
  • E-mail when you have questions

Important Class Info

  • I give HW most days, but it shouldn’t take them long
  • Chapter quizzes are ususally about once a week; unit tests are about every 4 chapters. Advanced (Latin III+) may also have essays.
  • I offer extra help most afternoons and 2 mornings (7:50 am) a week. Students should sign up on a calendar in my room.
  • When a student is absent s/he should check the blog for what we did in class, then sign up in a timely manner to make up quizzes before or after school .
  • Like all languages , Latin requires memorization. Memorization starts in class but is completed at home. Simply reading over notes or vocabulary is not really studying. Most learning happens when you do something with the information: write it, sing it, say it, chant it, move it, type or play it. These things work!!!

Latin’s the hardest language, right? Isn’t it only for the most gifted students?

No, no, no, no!!!!! If that were true your humble teacher wouldn’t know any Latin at all. Like all academic classes, it requires preparation. Like all academic classes, it is easier for some than others. A hard working student will be successful regardless of his or her gifts!

  • JCL Fax

    •Meetings or activities monthly
    •Dues include membership in the Kell, Georgia and National Junior Classical League
    •The National Junior Classical League is second only to Boy Scouts in number of youth members
    •2 state conventions, 1 national convention
    •Opportunities to compete for awards in a wide range of activities
    •Chance to meet other good students, make connections and find study partners
    •You do not have to attend every meeting to be a member•T-shirts about $10; we’ll take orders as soon as we have a design